In case you’re a fan of idol RPGs, you’re bound to be familiar with Magnum Quest. This might be the most revolutionary example of this exciting new genre since AFK Arena. If you’re keen on getting a slice of the pie, you can read below and check out our Magnum Quest free Dragonshards online service.

Magnum Quest free Dragonshards
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Magnum Quest is an Idle RPG game for Android and IOS created by TUYOO GAME. This title offers simplistic arena-style gameplay. Players embark on an epic adventure in this visually stunning RPG set in a three-dimensional world by collecting different Heroes from six distinct factions and level them up. The ultimate goal is to conquer the Armuda continent. Magnum Quest is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases and having as much of resources as you can only benefit you.

Magnum Quest: Dragonshards

Among other currencies, Dragonshards are a type of cash that is very important for your progress in the game. Essentially, players get Dragonshards by using their real money. Alternatively, it’s possible to get them as awards for events

You can use Magnum Quest Dragonshards to buy the barrel for gold at a discount, and then refresh the Shop for 50 Dragonshards to re-buy them. Besides, you can purchase the Gold Soul Dice and gold chests at a discount whenever you need them. Lastly, you may use your Dragonshards for buying Summon.

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How to use our online service and get Magnum Quest free Dragonshards?

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  7. Go back to your game account the refresh it in order to see if your Dragonshards are implemented. If not, try turning off the game and logging in again.

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