If you want to collect heroes and defeat bosses without any problems, you are at the right place. In this text you will find Infinite Magicraid Hack that will help you get free diamonds

Diamonds make your game much easier in this role-playing game. However, unless you use our hack, they are not easy to obtain. Continue reading to learn about the steps you must take to get your free diamonds

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How to Get Free Diamonds in Infinite Magicraid? 

Now that you know you’re at the right place, you must be wondering what exactly Infinite Magicraid Hack is. Well, it’s not hard to understand. Infinite Magicraid Hack is a tool we made to make it easier for you to generate diamonds.  

Generating diamonds may sound complicated, but trust us it couldn’t be simpler. The hack works by randomly generating available codes that connect to your gaming account. If you want free diamonds, just follow the instructions in the text below

How to Use Our Hack? 

Here’s what you need to do to get your free diamonds in Infinite Magicraid: 

  1. First, go to our Infinite Magicraid Hack page. You can do so by clicking the button above. 
  1. Next, enter your Infinite Magicraid username.  
  1. After that, select your platform (iOS, Android) 
  1. Press the “Connect” button. 
  1. Choose how many free diamonds to add to your account. 
  1. The final step is human verification. It will only take you a few minutes to complete this task. 
  1. Finally, click “Verify” and you’re done! 


About Infinite Magicraid 

Infinite Magicraid is a role-playing mobile game available on Google Play Store and App Store. In this game, you can collect different heroes with unique powers and features. The goal is to upgrade your skills and train your heroes to defeat the bosses. You can also play 5v5 battles, as well as explore dungeons. 

Infinite Magicraid Hack
Image Credit: Google Play

The last update came out on September 15, 2022, which pleased us with new content. New heroes came out: Megan and Leuf. In addition to them, there are also more Legend and Epic heroes that you can get through Miracle Wish. There are often active events that last up to a month, and then you can win great prizes. 

How Should You Spend Diamonds in Infinite Magicraid?  

You can spend your diamonds in many different ways. To begin with, you need them to unlock talent skills. For that you will need Emblem Chapters, which you can buy with diamonds

Then, with the help of the diamond, you can get stamina from the resource store 40 diamonds will give you 200 stamina. You can also find other things in the resource store. It depends on what you need at that moment. 

Considering that with our hack you can generate up to 13000 diamonds, we are sure that you will have enough for everything you need. If you need more, you can always come back and generate a new code