FIFA 22 has finally arrived and that means it’s time to kick some balls. Yet, as we all know, no matter how good your skills are, the problem comes with the amount of resources you have on your hands. Without investing loads of yours or your parents’ money, it’s tough to experience this game to its fullest. This article will guide you through the process of getting FIFA 22 free Coins.

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FIFA 22 is the next blockbuster title in development at Electonic Arts and EA Sports available for PCPS4PS5Xbox OneXbox Series X/S, and Switch. As always, there are numerous new game modes for fans to delve into, but by far the most popular is Ultimate Team.

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About FIFA 22 Coins

FIFA 22 Coins are a virtual currency that players essentially use for purchasing packs from the Store and for trading FUT items in the Transfer Market. Besides, players can use Coins to pay for some game mode entries such as FUT Draft mode.

Certainty, there are multiple ways to increase your coin balance, making Ultimate Team a more enjoyable experience than ever before. With enough FUT Coins, you get to choose among the best players and packs you need to build a team in FIFA 22.

Can you carry over your FIFA Coins FUT 21 to FUT 22?

Your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team progress including your FIFA 21 coins cannot be carried over to FIFA 22 or any other version of FIFA. However, everyone gets certain rewards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, even those that are new to the game.

FIFA 22: How to earn more Coins in FUT

First and foremost, players can earn FUT Coins in small amounts after every match, regardless of whether or not the match is won or lost. However, as you perform better, the Coins add up quicker. Furthermore, you unlock your Coin Boosts as you reach Milestones and Season Progress is complete. Besides, you can participate in Squad Battles and Division Rivals matches every week, which can help you reach higher tier levels with better rewards.

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Other ways to earn more Coins in FIFA 22 FUT include buying, selling, and earning players. Likewise, you can sell the players that are not planning on using in matches, even those that you’ve earned from Gold Packs. Also, you can buy a valuable player from the Transfer Market outright and turn the sale around for a profit. If not that, you can always earn more Coins by taking full advantage of bonuses that come from consumables, Managers, and more.

What’s an alternative way of getting FIFA 22 free Coins?

If earning Coins in the game doesn’t go the way you wanted, you could try using online tools such as ours. The principle is very simple – you get to earn certain amount of FIFA 22 free Coins in return for completing a few simple tasks. To put it simply, you get rewarded for going through one or two simple offers which let us keep our business running. In that way, all three parties are content and everyone gets something valuable out of it.

The entire process was developed in such a way that won’t take more than two minutes of your time. Also, you should note that we ensure your privacy by requiring you to complete a short anti-spam verification. Check below for detailed instructions on how to use our service.

How to use our online service and get FIFA 22 free Coins?

First, click the Access Generator button that you can see right below. Once you access it, go ahead and provide your game username. Then, select the platform on which you’re playing the game. Hit Connect and let the generator search for your account.

If our server connects to your account, you’ll be able to choose the amount of FIFA Coins you wish to get. If our stocks are full, you’ll be able to finish with the anti-spam verification. When you’re all done, you’ll be free to go back to your game account. Simply refresh it so your new Coins can be add on.   

How to check the number of Coins in FIFA?

Your FIFA Coins status is visible at the left top of the FUT 22 screen. Aside from that, your Club name, number of FIFA points and your FUT record are also visible there.