eFootball 2023 is a free-to-play game available from August 25, 2022. Many people have been eagerly waiting for this game, due to the popularity of the previous version. Even better news is that we have a free eFootball 2023 Hack for you!

If you are familiar with eFootball 2022, then you probably know everything about this game, considering that the new version is only slightly improved. Many people are disappointed, because they expected a completely new game, but believe me, it’s worth trying the new version. Here’s what awaits you. 

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As I mentioned earlier, the new version did not bring us much. The mods all remain the same. You can play single player or multiplayer, and we will have to wait for modes like Career.  

Konami has announced that we are expecting a new mode called “Master League”. But unfortunately, we can expect this only next year, in a newer version of this game. 

If you haven’t downloaded this game to your mobile device yet, you can do it via these links: 

However, I mentioned that eFootball 2023 is worth playing. Here’s why I think so. First, they fixed all the major bugs. So, if you like this game, you will enjoy it even more now that there are no major bugs. 

Second and probably most important, the gameplay. The gameplay has been significantly improved, which is to be expected from a company like Konami. The balance settings are improved, so the corner kick is much more realistic than before. It’s the same with kick-off defending. 

Another novelty is that now you can turn on AI to control your team when you play at Tour events. This is great news and AI in general is very useful. I love playing against AI and that’s how I explore new tactics and practice moves. 

eFootball 2023 Hack
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Now you can even set on your phone on which part of the screen you want buttons to appear. If you want to do this, just go to “Extras” and then to “Game Settings”. You will then see “Play Setting” and finally “Button Configuration”. You can set it up separately for attack and defense

Another new thing is the increased login bonus. You can get up to 50 coins or 10000 points per day. But considering how many in-game items there are and that those coins are needed to sing in players, we can conclude that this is nowhere near enough.  

Although you get points and coins through the gameplay, in my opinion, these are very small amounts. Without sufficient resources, progress is slow

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As we concluded earlier, the amount of GP and coins we get in the game is not enough for full enjoyment. Why would you wait to get 50 coins once a week, when you can get even 12000 right now

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